2020 toughened me out for a brighter future

Why having the right mindset during a pandemic was key to my well-being and success

Shebs Alom


Picture in Cappadocia, Copyright © Shebs The Wanderer Ltd

As the clock struck midnight, 2019 was over. It was the beginning of a new year, and a new decade. So much anticipation! 2020 was set out to be a great year.

The year started well. Couple of short trips around the U.K. was the first port of call. January saw me head to a small village called Totley in Yorkshire to go hiking through parts of the Peak District. I managed to find a beautiful family-run farm to stay in during my visit. It was the first time I had stayed on a farm in England as well. I was amazed by the experience, and I loved my exchanges with the family over breakfast. Kids running down the stairs and the fire lit up to keep us all warm on a cold winters morning. It was perfect.

My hikes were in Grindleford and Norton. It was a great way to clear my conscience and go into 2020 with a fresh look.

Peak District, Copyright © Shebs The Wanderer Ltd

February came along, and I finally met one of my heroes. Someone that I looked up to, modelled my travels on; Levison Wood. There is a saying, you should never meet your idols, as they will only disappoint you. No such thing with Levison. He was a gentleman who was more interested in my story rather than wanting to tell his. He was heading out to Nepal the following day. A class act, I wished him well.

Meeting Levison during a Tusk conference, Copyright © Shebs The Wanderer Ltd

Whilst Levison flew out to Nepal; I headed out to Cambridge. I met up with a friend I connected with when I travelled to China. That’s the beauty of travelling! I had a wonderful time there, and I loved taking photographs of the university buildings. I even managed to haggle out a good deal for when I went punting. You will have to punt when you go to Cambridge!

King’s College Cambridge, Copyright © Shebs The Wanderer Ltd